About the League

ALTV Logo (from the Membership Cards), Christopher Percival, 2010The Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers—or "the Old South League" as it's sometimes known—was established in 1894 in Wellington, New Zealand by the Baronet and Lady Tempest of Heaton as an affiliated offshoot of the Continental Society of Temporal Voyagers (since defunct).

By the beginning of the Great War, the League had extended its membership to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa, and today has active branches in eleven countries and members from seventy.

The League is essentially a social club, organising events, outings and social registries for its membership.

If you should choose to join us, please refer to our membership page for relevant details.

About antipodeanleague.org

The League's official website is a "community weblog" intended for the discussion and promotion of Neo-Victorian and Steampunk activities and interests. All League members are welcome to post to the blog, and anyone (including members of the public) can comment on posts. If you wish to comment but not become a member of the League with posting rights, please send an email to admin@antipodeanleague.org and we will register you to comment on the Blog.