Steampunk Ghostbusters Charity Ball, 2016

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The Steampunk Ghostbusters cordially invite you to join us once more at the Tattersalls Club · Brisbane for the Third Annual Steampunk Ghostbusters’ Charity Ball. Last year, thanks to the ticket holders and donations, we raised just over $9000 for the Queensland Cancer Council.

To match or exceed that amount this year, we’re hosting another splendid evening of dancing, marvellous sideshow performances and charity auctions (or simply basking in the company of the very splendidly attired), so we hope to see you there!


Steampunk Strides (Brisbane event)

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The Steampunk Strides Fashionwalk is an initiative of Alternate Empire Events and will be the Paris fashion week of the Steampunk Community! Mark the date, 18th of August, starting at 6:45pm.

The vision is for a dynamic visually exciting and sometimes daring/cheeky catwalk-style parade to music and classic parade narration, promoting many of the clothing and accessory makers and artists in the Brisbane area. It is also (hopefully) going to be a licensed event, so public transport or designated blimp-pilot for safety if you are so inclined.

Fantasy & unique cosplay models will be interspersed with models showing commercial products. Tickets can be prepurchased at Alternate Empire, limited tickets.


ABC3’s first local science program is Steampunk-themed

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Long ago a toy maker made a mechanical thinking machine. Believing the machine
would never think as well as humankind he cast it away. The machine however did
work. It rolled down into the sewers and there it began to grow, extending itself with
detritus and discarded machinery.

Any inquisitive kids who fall into one of the machine’s many conduits are put to a
test. If they prove themselves worthy, they can be released. But if they fail, they must
stay underground and work for the machine.

As reported on the ABC’s blog, Beyond Productions has begun filming in Sydney of ABC3’s first locally-produced science series, Steam Punks.

Described as a “fast, furious and funny science-based quiz show” and hosted by comedian Paul Verhoeven (from Triple J’s Breakfast’s Nerdy By Nature segment), each episode features two teams of two contestants, aged between 12-15 years-old, trapped in a subterranean Steampunk world ruled by the malevolent “Machine”. The Machine uses Verhoeven to quiz the contestants on their scientific knowledge, problem solving and ability to interact with technology, in order to win their freedom.

Series producer Anthony Watt said the show, which is being produced by Beyond Productions, was like no other program he has ever worked on.

“In fact, it’s like no show that’s ever been made in this country - a narrative game show,” he said in a statement. “It’s a testament to ABC3’s courage and innovation to back a truly imaginative and stylish program. Combine that with the knowledge and experience of Beyond plus the fresh new face of an energetic host and the outcome is something that I find truly exciting.”

Steam Punks will screen on ABC3 later this year.


Steampump 2012: At the Meat Market

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Steampump at the Meat Market

Steampump at the Meat Market

Melbourne’s Steampump returns for 2012 with an event at North Melbourne’s “The Meat Market” (entrance at 5 Blackwood Street) on the 11th of August.

The event programme is in development, but will feature:

  • Magician Richard Vegas
  • Burlesque from Miss Loli Box
  • The Gentlemen DJs
  • Entertainer Mighty Joe
  • Roaming Musicians
  • The Old Time Bunta Family Band
  • Bareknuckle Boxing
  • Fashion from Clockwork Butterfly
  • Art from Mad Uncle Cliff

The partying runs from 6.30pm to 11pm, with an afterparty next door at the Metropolitan unto 2.00am. Tickets (via Paypal button on the event page) are currently $35, and rise to $45 on the 21st of July.


Steam at Craftonomicon

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The 51st Australian National SF Convention, Continuum 8: Craftonomicon, begins today in Melbourne, and retronautical pursuits occupy a prominent place in the programme of events.

The convention’s focus on crafting will appeal to the maker sensibility, and Guest of Honour Kelly Link, writer and editor of the recent Steampunk! anthology, will be speaking on a number of panels. In addition to a live interview with Link, the specifically steam-oriented programme items are:

  • Friday, 18.00 “Turning the Gears: Steampunk Craft”
  • Sunday, 11.00 “Steamplay”
  • Sunday, 17.00 “The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes”
  • Sunday, 18.00 “Steampunk Squalor”

The rest of the programme covers a broad range of topics from Transhumanism, Daikaiju and traditional fairy stories through Maurice Sendak, Legocraft and Podcasting. Saturday’s Maskobolo features a 20,000 Leagues vs HP Lovecraft theme, and Sunday evening’s entertainments include the annual “Ditmar Award” ceremony.

Entry for Friday is by gold coin donation, and day memberships are available for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Programming begins at 4pm, Friday (today), at the Rydges on Swanston.

Brisbane craft and design gallery Artisan has been awarded $51,400 of Australian Federal Government arts funding to curate and present “The Antipodean Steampunk Show“, a large-scale exhibition featuring “objects, photography, fashion, footwear, illustration, jewellery, sculpture and film”. The exhibition will benefit from a partnership with the Queensland Maritime Museum, and the exhibition opening is planned to have a dress code and live entertainment.

“The Antipodean Steampunk Show” will represent some 20 exhibitors with 2-3 works each (depending on scale). Some confirmed exhibitors include: Cliff Overton (Mad Uncle Cliff) – weapons, sculptural objects; Alex Chambers - costume; Kate O’ Brien - photography; Pendragon – footwear; Urbandon – jewellery; Filip Sawczuk – lighting and sculpture; Caleb Heinselman – electronics (CD player); Steelhips (Michelle Murray) – jewellery. The exhibition is still looking for artists, and would love to see examples of work “with technology or furniture”.

The exhibition will open at artisan 25 Oct – 22 Dec 2012, and will be toured to 11 regional galleries across 4 states from 2013 to early 2015.


The Tempest - Steampunked!

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Steampunk Cabaret fundraiser

Steampunk Cabaret fundraiser

The Tempest - Steampunked! is a theatrical production planned for the Sydney Fringe Festival in the Inner West of Sydney in September, 2012. The show’s producers are currently soliciting donations to the cause via Australian crowdfunding site pozible.com.

Auditions for the show will be held on the 2nd-3rd of June, and the producers are presenting a cabaret fundraiser night at the Red Rattler Theatre in Marrickville on July 14th.


Posting News

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The ALTV blog welcomes any and all relevant news (and links). League members and a range of approved guests may post to this site immediately; others can apply for a login account, or send detailed information to the secretary, which will be posted when possible.

You are invited to Dress To Impress, a public picnic for The Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea. It’s an opportunity to raise funds for The Cancer Council, as well as give the members of the various niche communities a chance to connect with each other.

Enjoy a cup of tea, bring a gold coin donation and raise money for a good cause.

This is a public event, so feel free to invite anyone who may be interested. Friends, family and any fellow costumers you know.

There will be a contributions box for donations.

If you have an interest in the culinary arts, feel free to prepare something to share.

Sunday May 27, 2012
11:00am - 3:00pm
Queen Victoria Gardens, across from the NGV
St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Attire options:

◆ Steampunk
◆ Gothic
◆ Lolita, Kawaii
◆ Baroque, Renaissance, Rococo
◆ Cosplay (Video games, manga, anime)
◆ Film and television characters (Villains, superheros, under appreciated extras)
◆ Fairy tale characters
◆ Victorian/Neo-Victorian


◆ Food and drink for yourself
◆ Cutlery, plates, cups, etc. for yourself
◆ Gold coin donation

Keep in mind:

◆ We will be in a public area. Let’s leave it rubbish-free.
◆ This is a family-friendly event; please make sure you drink and act responsibly.
Queen Victoria Gardens
Biggest Morning Tea

Queen Victoria Gardens are a ten minute walk from Flinders St Station heading South (across Princes Bridge) down St Kilda Road.
We will meet in the gardens, directly across from the NGV.
There are a number of trams that head down St Kilda Road. Get off at stop 14, at the Arts Centre, opposite the gardens.
There is metered parking on St Kilda Road.
Paid parking is available at the Arts Centre Car Park.

IN CASE OF RAIN: The Lady Janet Clarke Rotunda holds 80 people, and is located on Linlithgow Avenue, which runs through the middle of Queen Victoria Gardens.

Hope to see you there!


Speleological Imagineering

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Journey from the Centre of the Perth

Journey from the Centre of the Perth

Western Australia’s The Great Steampunk Affaire (recently formalised under the state’s Associations Incorporation Act) is hosting a Verne-and-Wellsian “Immersive Theatre-Ball” in the appropriately named Cabaret Cave, at Yanchep, 40 minutes North of Perth, on Saturday 28th of April, 2012.

GSPA’s hugely successful debut event attracted well over 350 people. This event may be more expensive (the $120 ticket price dictated by the venue’s management is for five hours of entertainment and includes all food and drink, and a free shuttle service should you choose to take rooms locally) but that’s unlikely to dampen Perth’s enthusiasm for Steam.

In a conference presentation on 6th April,* principal organiser Dr. Velocet noted that half the accommodation at the Yanchep Inn had already been booked in anticipation of the event. Tickets for this Journey are “limited by geology” to 170, and final numbers need to be confirmed very soon. At the time of this post, tickets are available here.

[* The good Doctor is a maker as well as an organiser, and his Artifactory creation "Steam Ostrich" was a featured and popular attraction at the conference's Art Show.]

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