A Series of _Pneumatic_ Tubes!

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Via Cory Doctorow’s bouncy little journal, and apropos a conversation at the Carpark Cafe in Campberwell on Sunday,* Molly Wright Steenson’s “Postal services and pneumatic tubes” provides some fascinating factlets about the pneumatic tube postal system built under Paris in the 1850s. And the comments are almost as interesting.

Apparently, there was a pneumatic postal service operating in Prague until 2007.

[* Given RFC 1149, I was disappointed to discover that there is apparently no Internet Standard for IP over pneumatic tubes. Yet.]

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A strange time for Paris - that and the gas lines and the sewers… ah! And there’s Brunel’s pneumatic railway, too - which would have been a marvel if he could get inedible parts.

cholmondeley Reply:

Of course, pneumatic tubes have actually been used for passenger transport. (Ah, Crystal Palace: a veritable Library of Alexandria for the Victoria Age.)

January 13th, 2009 at 9:31 pm

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