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Printing in Brass

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Online fabber agents Shapeways have just introduced brass to their formerly all-plastic offerings. Objects are currently limited to customised napkin rings, but suddenly the near future looks Steamier than ever!
Ted Chiang’s superb “Exhalation” is the deeply philosophical and moving story of a pneumatic robot who dissects his own brain to discover the secrets of the universe. Night Shade Books, who published Eclipse 2 (ed. Jonathan Strahan) in which “Exhalation” first appeared, have just posted a copy of the Hugo Award-nominated story to their website [...]

Clockwork airships over Gothia!

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Have just discovered that Antipodean moviemaker Anthony Lucas’ justifiably famous (and Academy Award-nominated) “The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello” has been available legally, gratis, on YouTube, since October last year. It’s available as a single 26-minute High Quality video, which thankfully sidesteps the traditional graininess of YT’s offerings. (Sadly, Lucas’ impressive “Holding Your Breath” [...]

The Practicalities of Elder Wisdom

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The redoubtable Make magazine’s Volume 17 is titled “Lost Knowledge”, and features “projects and articles covering the steampunk scene”. Subscribers receive free access to their digital edition.

Victorian medicine

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New Scientist have just published a series of a dozen “bizarre devices from medicine’s dark past”. Like the late Victorian male chastity belt pictured, they’re fascinating and scary in equal measure. The redoubtable journal also recounts that an 1886 method for guessing a person’s height based on parental heights, age and sex is apparently ten times [...]