Egads! We’ve been informed by the Powers That Be that we must finalise our ticket sales 14 days in advance of the Tram Voyage, not 48 hours as we’d previous been advised! This means there are only 10 days til the cutoff date, and for those of you waiting til the last minute hoping tickets might still be available (as is not at all uncommon in our subcultural milieu!) - we are terribly sorry but we will not be able to indulge that potential for this event.  2/3 of tickets have been fully booked & confirmed, but we still have a few seats available that haven’t been reserved (and reserved tickets which have not been paid for may be re-allocated if necessary), so if you’ve been dragging your delicately (or handsomely) booted feet, hop to it and purchase tickets either online or @ The Lockworks asap! We’ll post one more reminder 24 hours before ticket sales end, but this is your penultimate warning duly given!

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