Continuum 5 Trivia Night!

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For those of you not already aware (though how you could not be, given we had flyers at Euchronia and have been cheerfully waving the flag since we were aware of the event, we have no earthly idea), Continuum 5: Galaxies by Gaslight is happening later this year and is wonderfully steampunk themed! But for those of you who either aren’t yet sure about going along (I mean - who ARE those people?) or who perhaps already do plan on going but are champing at the bit for some Continuum-related interaction Right Jolly Well Now, we have good news! A Trivia Night is to be held in just under 2 weeks on Saturday 30th May, and we highly recommend you head over for the event! Cholmondeley and I will be there with bells on, if you need any encouragement. Flyer is below, and I believe you are required to email to RSVP (or use that FriendFace thingy.)



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