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“Excellent,” I cried.

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Australian publisher Black House are currently producing a series called The Dark Detective, a decidedly gothic and almost necessarily steampunky take on Sherlock Holmes written by Christopher Sequeira (who, besides being a Doyle scholar and writer, has apparently appeared as Moriarty on the television) and illustrated by Phil Cornell. The second issue is available now [...]

Galaxies by Gaslight

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This weekend will see a contingent of League members attending Continuum, a steampunk-flavoured science fiction convention at the appropriately-named Ether (265 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne). Registration opens at 6pm tomorrow (Friday 14-August), with full attending rate of $210 on the door (although day rates are available).

Steampunk Capital of the World holds literary festival

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The 2009 programme for the Melbourne Writers Festival (which is apparently unpunctuated, no doubt in deference to modernity) includes a series of items at the stylish Toff in Town, notably “McSweeny’s (Futuristic) Antipodean Adventure” (Saturday, August 29 — Mme. M and self will be transiting the podes, alas — 8pm–11pm; $25), which features our own [...]

Dispatches from the Engines

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As the League’s Secretary, I am charged with getting the word about. To that end I’ve made use of the ALTV’s extensive (if occasionally antiquated) internet infrastructure to establish a distribution mechanism for electronic mail. This “members’ discussion list” is intended both to provide a medium for a notification service relating to the League’s official [...]

Photos from Steampunk Picnic, Brisbane

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The Brisbane Steampunkers picnic on Saturday had about 35 people turn up all told and some fantastic outfits. Most of the pictures are on the Facebook event at but we’re working on moving some of them to non-Facebook areas so non-Facebook people can see the outstanding efforts. I cannot describe what a [...]

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