Steampunk Capital of the World holds literary festival

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The 2009 programme for the Melbourne Writers Festival (which is apparently unpunctuated, no doubt in deference to modernity) includes a series of items at the stylish Toff in Town, notably “McSweeny’s (Futuristic) Antipodean Adventure” (Saturday, August 29 — Mme. M and self will be transiting the podes, alas — 8pm–11pm; $25), which features our own Mad Uncle Cliff.

Of course, many fine writers (including China Miéville and Scott Westerfeld) will also be in attendance.

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I guess the punctuation would indicate that the festival is for (but now owned by) several writers. I feel like such a geek right now, lol.

November 27th, 2009 at 9:20 am

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