We’ve had this on our Calendar for months, but we thought we should give a little reminder as the event is now right around the corner, and the President & Secretary of the ALTV will be in attendance for this fine festival in our Nation’s Capital next weekend!

Victorian Era Dance & Costume Festival, Canberra - October 2-5th, 2009

Wildilocks is proud to be presenting a workshop on Victorian Hairstyling as part of the Victorian Era Festival for 2009, held by the Earthly Delights Historical Dance Academy. The festival focuses on Victorian era partner dances & costuming, and has many workshops on a wide variety of Victorian pursuits such as bonnet making, etiquette, needlework, a Graveyard Tour, and there’s even a talk on Steampunk! You can see the full program for the weekend here [pdf], and there’s still time to register and attend this wonderful event!

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