Superb LED pocketwatch conversion

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This masterful conversion of a non-functional early C20th Elgin pocketwatch casing into a fully functional LED-handed timepiece with vibrating alarm and light-responsive display is a thing of beauty — which one might expect from a project which took two years and cost $1,000 (not including the heirloom watch). Australian maker Paul Pounds (whose recent PhD thesis describes a four-motored flying robot) dedicates the project to master horologist Howard Pounds (1914–2005), who would no doubt have been justly proud of his grandson’s achievement.

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Extraordinary! I’ve always wanted a modern gadget built into a pocketwatch - it’s nice to see others are thinking along the same lines.

(In fact, I can imagine no setup more stylish and yet more practical than a double Albert-chain, with a windup or kinetic watch on one side, and a pocket-phone on the other. As soon as phones get small enough…)

October 19th, 2009 at 3:17 am

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