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On the eve of the next SA based Steampunk event (OLYMPIA ~ A STEAMPUNK SPECTACULAR; Which is now SOLD OUT!). We thought it would be nice to post a little bit about our previous outing back in Feb.
The Mortlock Wing
The Mortlock Wing

On the 6th of February, Adelaide Steampunkers gathered in the State Library of SA for a photoshoot.

The Mortlock Wing of the State Library is a historic building, first opened in 1884. Housing over 23,000 gorgeous old books, this beautiful French Renaissance inspired building was the perfect venue for some neo-victorian photos.
A good 25 or so members of Steampunk SA and the Australian Costumers Guild took this opportunity to be photographed in a gorgeous venue, or to get behind a camera and take some amazing photos. The one catch with this historic building was that flash-photography was forbidden. We all learnt to stand very still, so as to minimize blurring, but there were still some amazing shots to be seen. (Well done to the Ruwoldt’s for thinking to bring a tripod!!)
Ben Todd took the opportunity to make some short clips for the upcoming Steampunk Fringe event - OLYMPIA, the poor subjects were kept in the dark as to the purpose of their roles, but the first clip has now come out, and it all makes sense (see Video: How To Spot An Illegal Alien )
This gathering was the perfect oppportunity for some of the newer members of the Steampunk community to meet some of the veterans, as well as get some great costume ideas for the upcoming Fringe event. We met some lovely new faces, and were able to share some of our costuming expertise onto those daring to ask.
Calixta Cheers was a popular model of the day, with her gorgeous purple frock and gattling gun, making for some fiesty shots, whilst Pontip Sontavong’s Clockwork Gentleman (nicknamed Iron Man by some of the newbies) made a favourable comeback, with some fantastic photos as proof.
The State Library staff loved our outfits, and requested we take a quick wander around the main library, to show off our wares.
When we ran out of bookshelves to lean against, we left the comfort of the darkened room for the bright outdoors, where we stopped by a the armoury lawns for a big group photo before heading our seperate ways.
It was a day filled with fun, some amazing costumes, fantastic photographers and great friends. Something to be repeated soon, perhaps with a different theme.
By Julia Norman
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Great pics, what an amazing setting for a photoshoot!

March 10th, 2011 at 9:17 pm

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