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Journey from the Centre of the Perth

Journey from the Centre of the Perth

Western Australia’s The Great Steampunk Affaire (recently formalised under the state’s Associations Incorporation Act) is hosting a Verne-and-Wellsian “Immersive Theatre-Ball” in the appropriately named Cabaret Cave, at Yanchep, 40 minutes North of Perth, on Saturday 28th of April, 2012.

GSPA’s hugely successful debut event attracted well over 350 people. This event may be more expensive (the $120 ticket price dictated by the venue’s management is for five hours of entertainment and includes all food and drink, and a free shuttle service should you choose to take rooms locally) but that’s unlikely to dampen Perth’s enthusiasm for Steam.

In a conference presentation on 6th April,* principal organiser Dr. Velocet noted that half the accommodation at the Yanchep Inn had already been booked in anticipation of the event. Tickets for this Journey are “limited by geology” to 170, and final numbers need to be confirmed very soon. At the time of this post, tickets are available here.

[* The good Doctor is a maker as well as an organiser, and his Artifactory creation "Steam Ostrich" was a featured and popular attraction at the conference's Art Show.]

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