ABC3’s first local science program is Steampunk-themed

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Long ago a toy maker made a mechanical thinking machine. Believing the machine
would never think as well as humankind he cast it away. The machine however did
work. It rolled down into the sewers and there it began to grow, extending itself with
detritus and discarded machinery.

Any inquisitive kids who fall into one of the machine’s many conduits are put to a
test. If they prove themselves worthy, they can be released. But if they fail, they must
stay underground and work for the machine.

As reported on the ABC’s blog, Beyond Productions has begun filming in Sydney of ABC3’s first locally-produced science series, Steam Punks.

Described as a “fast, furious and funny science-based quiz show” and hosted by comedian Paul Verhoeven (from Triple J’s Breakfast’s Nerdy By Nature segment), each episode features two teams of two contestants, aged between 12-15 years-old, trapped in a subterranean Steampunk world ruled by the malevolent “Machine”. The Machine uses Verhoeven to quiz the contestants on their scientific knowledge, problem solving and ability to interact with technology, in order to win their freedom.

Series producer Anthony Watt said the show, which is being produced by Beyond Productions, was like no other program he has ever worked on.

“In fact, it’s like no show that’s ever been made in this country - a narrative game show,” he said in a statement. “It’s a testament to ABC3’s courage and innovation to back a truly imaginative and stylish program. Combine that with the knowledge and experience of Beyond plus the fresh new face of an energetic host and the outcome is something that I find truly exciting.”

Steam Punks will screen on ABC3 later this year.

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