Queen’s Birthday Eve Dinner Voyage

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an Invitiation!

an Invitation!

Melbourne, it might well be argued, is the most Victorian of cities. Indeed, we members of the local branch of the Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers believe it is firmly on track to become the Steampunk Capital of the World — that track being, of course, a tram track! Trams were first introduced to Melbourne at the height of Victoria’s reign in 1885, and our fair city can now boast of the largest tram network, as well as the most-travelled tram route, in the world. To celebrate in true Steampunk fashion both our unique transport heritage and the birthday of our most beloved Queen, the League is proud to announce an unmissable evening of fine dining and entertainment… aboard a tram!

We should like to announce that the League’s entertainment committee has arranged the exclusive charter of one of the magnificently appointed trams of the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant for Queen’s Birthday Eve, 7th June 2009. During the course of the evening, members and guests will spend a leisurely three hours enjoying a silver service meal while travelling a specially arranged route which takes in some of the highlights of Melbourne’s justifiably famous Victorian architecture.

Ordering Dinner

Ordering Dinner

Tickets are being offered at $137.50 per person.  Tickets are inclusive of the charter, a gourmet five course meal (sample menu), alcoholic beverages from the well-stocked bar (offering selected Victorian red and white wines, beer, spirits and liqueurs) and hot drinks to finish. Travellers will receive a special souvenir map showing the route of our journey, describing the relevant architectural delights and including a range of amusing facts and anecdotes about Victorian life. Additionally, tickets will provide discounted entry to the “Golgotha” social dance later the same evening, for those inclined to the terpsichorean muse.

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is justifiably famous for its impeccable service and unique atmosphere (reviews here), and the custom route we are planning will provide an unparalleled opportunity to appreciate some of the highlights of the city while enjoying delectable beverages and comestibles in period-appropriate opulence.

Additional detail:

The Tramcar Restaurant departs at 8.30pm from Tramstop #125 Normanby Road, near the corner of Clarendon Street, South Melbourne (near Crown Casino). Passengers must arrive at least ten (10) minutes prior to departure, and be ready to present tickets or confirmation slips.

The restaurant caters for special dietary requirements including vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free; please make a note of this when you book. Changes and updates to this aspect of your booking are permitted up to 24 hours before departure.

Ticket sales have finished for this event, apologies if you have missed out!

Please note: physical tickets will be available for posting or pickup after 24 May 2009 [was May 1st but we were informed at the end of April that we could not receive physical tickets until this date]. Bookings will be transferable but non-refundable. Please bring identification documents and a printed copy of your receipt if you intend to collect your tickets at the event.  If we have cancellations and/or we are unable to fill a full tram of 36 passengers we will not be able to travel our custom route, which would be a tremendous disappointment for everyone. However, once we have fully booked the tram we will provide a waitlist facility, which could allow tickets to be re-allocated. However, as only full trams are able to travel the customised route, please book early to be guaranteed a place.

Dress Code: Formal, classic Victorian or Steampunk; dashing adventurers and sky-pilots, ahoy! Dress in your Steampunk best, but please note that as space is at a premium, we request that flying harnesses, crinolines, hoop skirts and overly large bustles not be worn, to avoid inconveniencing fellow travellers.

More about the Tramcar:

Tram Interior

Tram Interior

To ensure a smooth ride whilst dining, stabilizers have been fitted so not even a glass trembles as the tram glides along. The food itself is prepared on the tram and the Maitre d’ oversees the traditional silver and white linen service. One way glass windows have been installed, so diners can enjoy the passing scene without the curious gazes to distract them. As well, this 1927 tram features all the modern conveniences you’d expect to find in a first class restaurant, such as burgundy carpet underfoot and seats covered in velvet, beautiful brass fittings to cast a cozy glow and tables decorated with fresh carnations, which are given to guests when they leave.

For more information about the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, please see the website.

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

Tram Exterior

We do hope you will be able to join us for what will surely prove a most delightful evening!

Mme Ermyntrude Millais
(League President)

Cholmondeley St. John Featherstonehaugh
(League Secretary)