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Relive Dining In the Steam Train Era [NZ]

   Posted by: ermyntrude

Title: Relive Dining In the Steam Train Era [NZ] Location: Silverstream Railway, Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand Link out: Click here Description: Step back in time to the golden era of steam train travel with bubbles, canapes and a steam train ride in the heritage carriages at Silverstream Railway Museum. There will be an optional tour of the [...]
Title: Dinner & Tall Tales with Dr Grordbort’s Venusian Hunting Party Location: Weta Cave & Cafe Polo, Wellington, New Zealand Link out: Click here Description: Join Dr Grordbort and his team for tales of Venusian rustics and ray guns in an ‘out of this world’ dining experience. The hunting party will meet at the Weta Cave and be [...]

Clockwork Butterfly Steampunk Extravaganza

   Posted by: ermyntrude

Title: Clockwork Butterfly Steampunk Extravaganza Location: Thornbury Theatre Link out: Click here Description: Step into the world of Clockwork Butterfly, a new alternative Melbourne fashion label, with a night of amazing acts including steamy burlesque, exotic belly dance and the finest musical acts procured at great expense to the management for ONE NIGHT ONLY! Tickets $30 ($40 at the [...]

An Approximate Centenary

   Posted by: cholmondeley

Victorian Railways Institute gathering (c.1910-1915)

[/caption] The main entrance to the current building at Melbourne’s Flinders Street station was opened to the public on 10th October, 1909. Some months later, on 22nd of January, 1910, the Victorian Railways Institute held an opening ceremony inside the building, in the lecture theatre that would later [...]

Sherlock Holmes movie, steampunk outing opportunity?

   Posted by: Professor von Explaino Tags: ,

Having watched a number of Sherlock Holmes trailers it’s looking like the current envisioning of the story has quite a few steampunk friendly elements.  As such, ROSEA is making noises to organise a Brisbane Steampunk outing to the Dec 26th opening night of Sherlock Holmes.  I’m also wondering if other groups around the country are [...]

Superb LED pocketwatch conversion

   Posted by: cholmondeley

This masterful conversion of a non-functional early C20th Elgin pocketwatch casing into a fully functional LED-handed timepiece with vibrating alarm and light-responsive display is a thing of beauty — which one might expect from a project which took two years and cost $1,000 (not including the heirloom watch). Australian maker Paul Pounds (whose recent PhD [...]

Time Travellers Picnic [MEL] Nov 3 2009

   Posted by: ermyntrude

Title: Time Travellers Picnic [MEL] Nov 3 2009 Location: Fitzroy Gardens Link out: Click here Description: When: from 11am, Tuesday 3 November (Melb Cup Day) Where: Fitzroy Gardens - I think we should meet on the nice lawn in front of the Conservatory.. this would be a good place to retreat to in the case of any showers, too.. Bring: Bring [...]

Antipodean Utopias of the Victorian Era!

   Posted by: ermyntrude

Coming across a detailed encyclopedia of British Utopias throughout history (I had no idea Glastonbury had a countercultural Festival back in the Edwardian era!), I was inspired to investigate what manner of similar occurences may have been underway in the Antipodes at the same time, as the influence of Mother England was of course very [...]
We’ve had this on our Calendar for months, but we thought we should give a little reminder as the event is now right around the corner, and the President & Secretary of the ALTV will be in attendance for this fine festival in our Nation’s Capital next weekend! Victorian Era Dance & Costume Festival, Canberra - [...]

Euchronia to return as a biennial event

   Posted by: cholmondeley

The New Year’s Eve committee, after much deliberation and consideration, have decided that, in keeping with the character and quality of their “Euchronia” event, it would henceforth be presented on alternate years. Members and friends are advised to make other arrangements to farewell the noughties, and we should all look forward to the riotous revelry [...]
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