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Posting News

   Posted by: admin

The ALTV blog welcomes any and all relevant news (and links). League members and a range of approved guests may post to this site immediately; others can apply for a login account, or send detailed information to the secretary, which will be posted when possible.

Oamaru, Redux

   Posted by: ermyntrude

Tally Ho! Members of the expeditionary committee of the ALTV have again landed in fair Oamaru, as previously expounded upon with great delight last December. But we have returned, for none other than the Steampunk Fashion Parade and Gala Ball and of course to celebrate the birth of our most beloved Queen, as all subjects [...]

League publication deemed of National Significance

   Posted by: cholmondeley

It was with no small measure of pride that, as ALTV secretary, I was recently able to grant a licence to the National Library of Australia permitting the addition of this very weblog to its PANDORA archive. “PANDORA is a digital archive dedicated to the preservation of and long term access to Australian online electronic [...]

Overdue Thanks and Acknowlegements

   Posted by: cholmondeley

It has been four weeks now since Euchronia wired us all into this second decade of the 21st Century in a whirl of lightning, flame, music and dance. On behalf of the League, we congratulate and extend sincerest thanks and appreciation to everyone who took part in this entirely extraordinary New Year’s Eve party. Particularly deserving [...]

A Roguish Reminder

   Posted by: cholmondeley

The Wellington League’s premiere event “Rogue” is to take place this evening. Persons of quality and taste are invited to attend the premises at 101 Ghuznee Street in attire suitable for dancing. General Admission will be available from 9.00pm. Carousing is encouraged.

Euchronia to return as a biennial event

   Posted by: cholmondeley

The New Year’s Eve committee, after much deliberation and consideration, have decided that, in keeping with the character and quality of their “Euchronia” event, it would henceforth be presented on alternate years. Members and friends are advised to make other arrangements to farewell the noughties, and we should all look forward to the riotous revelry [...]

Steampunk Capital of the World holds literary festival

   Posted by: cholmondeley

The 2009 programme for the Melbourne Writers Festival (which is apparently unpunctuated, no doubt in deference to modernity) includes a series of items at the stylish Toff in Town, notably “McSweeny’s (Futuristic) Antipodean Adventure” (Saturday, August 29 — Mme. M and self will be transiting the podes, alas — 8pm–11pm; $25), which features our own [...]

Dispatches from the Engines

   Posted by: cholmondeley

As the League’s Secretary, I am charged with getting the word about. To that end I’ve made use of the ALTV’s extensive (if occasionally antiquated) internet infrastructure to establish a distribution mechanism for electronic mail. This “members’ discussion list” is intended both to provide a medium for a notification service relating to the League’s official [...]

The social economics of shining armour

   Posted by: cholmondeley

Freeconomy is apparently a kind of distributed gift economy with an international membership of about 10,000. Its faux silent movie introduction is certainly amusing.
Last call, last call! There’s only 24 hours left to book for the illustrious Queen’s Birthday Eve Dinner Voyage! We’ve got a complement of dashing proportions already on board, but there are still a few seats available. We know in these harder economic and wintry times that it’s a stretch for some, but we refuse [...]
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