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Gosh, it’s now less than a month til Euchronia! As in 2008, we’ve had so many compliments on our 2010 Euchronia poster we felt some information on how it was created would be of interest, even more so than last time. Because our 2010 venue is a former power station, we felt a theme of electricity [...]
Very late notice (only found out recently myself) but Gail Carriger of the Parasol Protectorate series will be in Pulp Fiction today (Sat 28th Aug) from 2:30 pm.  I’ve rang the shop and they said they welcome people in their Steam Finery. If you haven’t read the books already I’d recommend them - they have elements [...]

A Neo-Victorian booklaunch invitation

   Posted by: cholmondeley

Melbourne author Lucy Sussex’s book of 19th Century ship’s diaries, Saltwater in the Ink, will be launched at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival (Federation Square) on 29 August at 11am. The launch will feature a choir performing “For Those in Peril on the Sea”, the hymn sung during the sinking of RMS Titanic. Persons of taste [...]

Antipodean Utopias of the Victorian Era!

   Posted by: ermyntrude

Coming across a detailed encyclopedia of British Utopias throughout history (I had no idea Glastonbury had a countercultural Festival back in the Edwardian era!), I was inspired to investigate what manner of similar occurences may have been underway in the Antipodes at the same time, as the influence of Mother England was of course very [...]