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Gosh, it’s now less than a month til Euchronia! As in 2008, we’ve had so many compliments on our 2010 Euchronia poster we felt some information on how it was created would be of interest, even more so than last time. Because our 2010 venue is a former power station, we felt a theme of electricity [...]

A Neo-Victorian booklaunch invitation

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Melbourne author Lucy Sussex’s book of 19th Century ship’s diaries, Saltwater in the Ink, will be launched at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival (Federation Square) on 29 August at 11am. The launch will feature a choir performing “For Those in Peril on the Sea”, the hymn sung during the sinking of RMS Titanic. Persons of taste [...]
Fiend Magazine Issue #18 - The Steampunk Issue is now available instore @ Wildilocks & now online from the webstore too! Tons of awesome stuff and of course, featuring a variety of articles on various aspects of Steampunk, including an interview with Doctor Steel, our very own The Tenth Stage, the delectable Kate O’Brien’s lush [...]
Last call, last call! There’s only 24 hours left to book for the illustrious Queen’s Birthday Eve Dinner Voyage! We’ve got a complement of dashing proportions already on board, but there are still a few seats available. We know in these harder economic and wintry times that it’s a stretch for some, but we refuse [...]
Not the newest of news, but something I’d been meaning to mention for some time is the announcement from Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin of their leap from making fine mechanical watches) and nautical precision instruments since 1846, to the modern technology of mobile telephony. Initial reports from Gizmag and Treehugger were light on details, but I’ve [...]

Jack the Ripper sought in Melbourne

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Melbourne’s The Age today reports that local biomedical scientist Geoff Crawford is currently hunting the bones of an ex-pat Londoner named Frederick Deeming, executed in Old Melbourne Gaol in 1892 for the murder of his wife, because he believes DNA evidence will show that Deeming was the Jack the Ripper. Unsuccessfully defended by Alfred Deakin—who [...]

Printing in Brass

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Online fabber agents Shapeways have just introduced brass to their formerly all-plastic offerings. Objects are currently limited to customised napkin rings, but suddenly the near future looks Steamier than ever!
Ted Chiang’s superb “Exhalation” is the deeply philosophical and moving story of a pneumatic robot who dissects his own brain to discover the secrets of the universe. Night Shade Books, who published Eclipse 2 (ed. Jonathan Strahan) in which “Exhalation” first appeared, have just posted a copy of the Hugo Award-nominated story to their website [...]

A Series of _Pneumatic_ Tubes!

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Via Cory Doctorow’s bouncy little journal, and apropos a conversation at the Carpark Cafe in Campberwell on Sunday,* Molly Wright Steenson’s “Postal services and pneumatic tubes” provides some fascinating factlets about the pneumatic tube postal system built under Paris in the 1850s. And the comments are almost as interesting. Apparently, there was a pneumatic postal [...]

Brass Airships!

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First conceived in 1670, the notion of dirigibles made of metal has given rise to a number of curious failures over the last three centuries. This New Scientist article details a number of them, including the uniquely successful example: the US Navy’s “Tin Bubble”, an aluminium-plated airship capable of making 110km/h and lifting 5 tonnes, [...]
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