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The Steam-powered Airship Aurora

[/caption] South Australian indie filmmakers Urtext have just released the live-action steampunk movie Aurora after some 3 1/2 years in the making. Shot in and around the Adelaide area, Aurora tells the story of an airship crew in a determined quest to liberate the victims of ruthless slavers. The [...]


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We may be a little behind the times - (though we do tend to pride ourselves on this, really) but we’ve just discovered a clever Antipodean chap who’s built a charming steampunk record player in the Northern Parts of New Zealand. Simon Jansen was also known for a massive ASCII animation of Star Wars, and [...]
Gosh, it’s now less than a month til Euchronia! As in 2008, we’ve had so many compliments on our 2010 Euchronia poster we felt some information on how it was created would be of interest, even more so than last time. Because our 2010 venue is a former power station, we felt a theme of electricity [...]
As an impressionable young teenager growing up in the heady years of the 1980s, I have fond memories of the magnum opus of the now fairly obscure Yahoo Serious - a classic of Australian cinema, the rollicking good tale Young Einstein. I was, to be quite honest, a ridiculously giddy fan of Mr Serious back [...]

Superb LED pocketwatch conversion

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This masterful conversion of a non-functional early C20th Elgin pocketwatch casing into a fully functional LED-handed timepiece with vibrating alarm and light-responsive display is a thing of beauty — which one might expect from a project which took two years and cost $1,000 (not including the heirloom watch). Australian maker Paul Pounds (whose recent PhD [...]

The social economics of shining armour

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Freeconomy is apparently a kind of distributed gift economy with an international membership of about 10,000. Its faux silent movie introduction is certainly amusing.

The Delights of a Modern Kitchen

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The UK’s Channel 4 website recently featured Kitchen Contraptions from the Past, a fascinating and enlightening slideshow of some beautiful and terrible examples of the Victorian (and pre-Victorian) homemaker’s mechanical assistant, including the “Raisin Cleaner” pictured here.
Not the newest of news, but something I’d been meaning to mention for some time is the announcement from Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin of their leap from making fine mechanical watches) and nautical precision instruments since 1846, to the modern technology of mobile telephony. Initial reports from Gizmag and Treehugger were light on details, but I’ve [...]

Printing in Brass

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Online fabber agents Shapeways have just introduced brass to their formerly all-plastic offerings. Objects are currently limited to customised napkin rings, but suddenly the near future looks Steamier than ever!
Ted Chiang’s superb “Exhalation” is the deeply philosophical and moving story of a pneumatic robot who dissects his own brain to discover the secrets of the universe. Night Shade Books, who published Eclipse 2 (ed. Jonathan Strahan) in which “Exhalation” first appeared, have just posted a copy of the Hugo Award-nominated story to their website [...]
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