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Regard of Things Present

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Pages 123 through 129 of the May 2011 edition of ACP’s Men’s Style Australia consist of an illustrated article entitled “Remembrance of Things Past”. Said article, drawn primarily from interviews with Antipodean gentlemen favouring a Victorian- or Edwardian-influenced wardrobe, includes some remarks from your faithful correspondent under his everyday monicker. While unlikely to provide League members [...]

An Approximate Centenary

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Victorian Railways Institute gathering (c.1910-1915)

[/caption] The main entrance to the current building at Melbourne’s Flinders Street station was opened to the public on 10th October, 1909. Some months later, on 22nd of January, 1910, the Victorian Railways Institute held an opening ceremony inside the building, in the lecture theatre that would later [...]

Antipodean Utopias of the Victorian Era!

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Coming across a detailed encyclopedia of British Utopias throughout history (I had no idea Glastonbury had a countercultural Festival back in the Edwardian era!), I was inspired to investigate what manner of similar occurences may have been underway in the Antipodes at the same time, as the influence of Mother England was of course very [...]
We’ve had this on our Calendar for months, but we thought we should give a little reminder as the event is now right around the corner, and the President & Secretary of the ALTV will be in attendance for this fine festival in our Nation’s Capital next weekend! Victorian Era Dance & Costume Festival, Canberra - [...]

“Excellent,” I cried.

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Australian publisher Black House are currently producing a series called The Dark Detective, a decidedly gothic and almost necessarily steampunky take on Sherlock Holmes written by Christopher Sequeira (who, besides being a Doyle scholar and writer, has apparently appeared as Moriarty on the television) and illustrated by Phil Cornell. The second issue is available now [...]

The Delights of a Modern Kitchen

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The UK’s Channel 4 website recently featured Kitchen Contraptions from the Past, a fascinating and enlightening slideshow of some beautiful and terrible examples of the Victorian (and pre-Victorian) homemaker’s mechanical assistant, including the “Raisin Cleaner” pictured here.
Maps are one of my most favourite things. While I’ve not developed a collection of any kind, I do have very fond memories of my world travels, and the tiny pocket atlas I carried with me everywhere for nigh on 10 years. I would spend time of an evening, just before sleep in whatever random [...]

Clockwork airships over Gothia!

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Have just discovered that Antipodean moviemaker Anthony Lucas’ justifiably famous (and Academy Award-nominated) “The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello” has been available legally, gratis, on YouTube, since October last year. It’s available as a single 26-minute High Quality video, which thankfully sidesteps the traditional graininess of YT’s offerings. (Sadly, Lucas’ impressive “Holding Your Breath” [...]

The Practicalities of Elder Wisdom

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The redoubtable Make magazine’s Volume 17 is titled “Lost Knowledge”, and features “projects and articles covering the steampunk scene”. Subscribers receive free access to their digital edition.


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The November, 1907 issue of The Connoisseur: a magazine for collectors, illustrated features an article by Guy Oswald Smith entitled “Silver Nutmeg Graters or Spice Boxes”. Before reading same, I was wholly ignorant of the 19th Century habit of carrying a small nutmeg grater about one’s person for purposes of spicing food and drink, and [...]